SPD Ask Anything 7/31

Expressway Speed Limits

Q: When the speed limit on US-27 changed to 75 MPH, did the minimum speed limit change also? Shepherd Police Department (SPD): No

Q: Did the speed limit only increase on US-27, or in other places too? What about 75? SPD: It changed in different areas. Not sure about 75.

The New Caboose

The caboose which sits next to the Train Depot recently received a new coat of red paint, and I have to say that it is looking really good. In fact, it looks brand new. Here are some photos taken while it was being painted:

I’ve been taking my kids to the Train Depot since my oldest son was a baby. Now it’s one of my youngest son’s favorite places to visit in Shepherd. I really appreciate the resources and effort that are going into freshening up the look of the caboose.

Countdown to Back to School

As we get closer to the start of August, the odor of textbooks, crayons, and freshly waxed floors has already began to permeate the air: Back to School time is right around the corner. Save the Date

The Shepherd High School FB page posted a reminder today that the first day of the school year will be August 28th at 8 a.m. And, that it is a full day. Freshman Welcome 2017 is set to take place on the morning of Friday, August 21. The SHS released its 2017-2018 calendar. Hot Dog!

Sports Physicals Information

A note from McClaren Central Michigan (hospital) located in Mt. Pleasant. If you haven’t had your sports physical yet, please take advantage of this opportunity. McLaren Central Michigan, we understand that your health is your main priority. That’s why we offer classes and events that make keeping your health in check simple.