Event information for Shepherd Maple Syrup Festival needed

This year’s Shepherd Maple Syrup Festival is a little more than three months away. The committee has been busy planning the events and getting everything ready. One addition to the festival this year that I’d like to talk to everyone about is a brand-new website where we will be sharing information about the festival.

This year, the website will be a really important source of information about the festival, perhaps rivaled only by the brochure and the Facebook page. I’m going to be working really hard to make sure that the site has the most up-to-date and accurate information, so everybody knows what is happening.

But, I need everybody’s help staying on top of the information for all of the events that are being planned for the weekend-long festival. I’m asking anybody who is involved in an event–whether you are a coordinator, a committee chair, or you are in charge of an event on behalf of your company or organization–to contact me with updates so that I can get them onto the web, and distribute them via the Facebook page.

There are some really easy ways for you to do this. You can send an email to me at editor@shepherdhistory.org. Or, you can submit articles or snippets of information here on the web. You can access the same form by clicking on “Contact Us” on the Facebook pages for either the Shepherd Maple Syrup Festival or The Shepherd Journal. I can also be found at most committee meetings.

If you know somebody who is in charge of a festival event, please forward my contact information to them and let them know they should reach out to me if they would like their event to be promoted on the web. Anybody who is not sure about where to start should also contact me, because I’d be happy to share some tips or help get the ball rolling.


Jon Morgan

SMSF Webmaster


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