On the Jaydar

A few weeks ago, the Shepherd Police Department received a donation which allowed them to purchase a sign and radar system which could be used as a deterrent to speeders in the town.

Chief Sawyer wrote about the sign in a post published on the Shepherd Police Department’s Facebook page on July 19:

About a month ago a resident approached me about a digital speed sign he had in saw in Florida and thought it would be great to have in the Village. I agreed that it would be great…but the purchase of it was nowhere in our budget. He quickly told me that he would have the money to me very soon. I have heard these promises before…so honestly, i was not holding my breath.
A few days later, I had 3 checks on my desk! We ordered the digital radar sign and it arrived last week. It is a proactive sign, meaning it gives you a digital reading of your speed and gives you the opportunity to slow down before you see blue flashing lights behind you. The sign is also portable, which allows us to move it to different areas within the Village.
The sign will be up soon and we look forward to utilizing it. There is a picture of a similar sign below.
A HUGE thank you to John and Judy Williams, The Shepherd Lions Club and the Shepherd Rotary Club for their generosity. In my opinion our community is just that…COMMUNITY!

And, he followed up with a second post:

CLARIFICATION: I want to clarify that the digital speed sign we have WILL NOT be used to write traffic citations off of…meaning we won’t see what the sign says and issue a citation. As I stated in the post this morning, this is a proactive piece of equipment used to remind people slow down. We will still utilize our in-car radars, which are calibrated at the factory and calibrated before being put into service. Have a great night!

The purchase of the sign was later covered by WNEM, The Morning Sun, and 9and10 News.

On August 2, Chief Sawyer announced that the radar speed sign had been set up. Brackets for the sign had been installed around the village so that the sign can be easily moved to different locations.

Our radar speed sign is up and in-service. We have several locations around the village where brackets for the sign have already been installed so we are able to easily move its location.
This is a pro-active tool that reminds all of us to watch our speed by giving us instant feedback.

Then, Chief Sawyer announced a contest for a name to assign to the sign. This resulted in four strong candidates:

The radar sign has moved! We need a name for it…so we can play Where’s Waldo with it. We have a gift for the best name!

Speed Sign Naming…ALL of the entries were very unique. But…4 of them stood out as the best. Whichever of these gets the most LIKES in the next 24 hours wins!
– BlueRay submitted by Ken and Christina
– Jaydar submitted by Genny
– Buster submitted by Damien, Miranda and Mark
– Roscoe submitted by Angela

And Genny Farrell won the prize for the name with the highest votes:

We had 197 people vote on the name for the Radar Sign…with all of the choices receiving many votes…But, the winner is JAYDAR! Congratulations to Genny Farrell on coming up with such a cool name. Your prize will be delivered to you this week!

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