Shepherd Sugar Bush Maple Weekend Open House to be held March 18-19

The Shepherd Sugar Bush, located at 415 N. Third Street, will be hosting it’s annual Maple Syrup Weekend open house on March 18-19 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. as a part of the Michigan Maple Syrup Association’s series of Maple Weekend events which are hosted by several Sugar Bushes located around the State of Michigan in March and April.

“With weather cooperating, visitors here will be able to see all facets of maple syrup production: collection, filtering, reverse osmosis, evaporation, drumming, canning, and candy making,” stated an article in the winter issue of The Village Messenger. The article also said that a “picture display of the Winn woods will also show the more modern way of collecting sap by running tubing from tree to tree with vacuum pumps drawing the sap to a central tank. Activities will be available for the children to learn the process of maple syrup making.” The kids can even tap a tree and hang a bucket on trees around the sugar bush.

During the event, free samples of maple syrup, maple candy, maple cream, maple snacks, and maple-flavored ice cream will be given out. Maple products will also be available for purchase.

Due to the variety of weather conditions, Michigan Maple Weekend activities in the northern Lower Peninsula will take place March 25-26 and April 1-2 in the Upper Peninsula.

Additional information about the open house can be found on the Shepherd Sugar Bush Facebook page, or the Michigan Maple Syrup Association’s website. Or contact the Shepherd Sugar Bush by phone at (989) 828-5415 if you have questions.

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